Is it thought it to be happy? It is a feelings situation.

Ride the crest of wave.

Peacefully occasionally. The catnap is loved.

First of all, it does physical exercise though it gets excited.

Happiness that plays music is occasionally happier than richness.

t is possible to travel at any time. With one bag.

The thing to listen to music is a thing to see the world.

I like energetic towns.

A little smile is OK.

The cat is loved. The cat loves.

It was neither a pig, nor a bird, and I wanted to be born in the flower.

The thing to sleep in the milk bottle is a thing that returns to the memory before it is born.

The earth is round. And, walk.

I want to see the scenery. It travels only by it.

It thinks with the apple.

It is a cat and Zen meditation in the veranda.

Gilberto Gil


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